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Ways to Use CATECHIST Magazine

For Catechists and DREs:

  • Effective Teaching offers inspiration and catechetical formation. This year, well-known catechetical leader, Joe Paprocki, is writing a series on ways to instill a robust Catholic identity in those we teach.
  • Leading DRE is dedicated to parish-based directors of religious education and faith formation leaders offering advice and resources.
  • Advice from Master Catechists offers practical and insightful responses to questions you’ve submitted to our Master Catechists. Here is a great opportunity for you and your fellow catechists to organize a discussion group, using these same questions for further discussion based on your own personal learning situations!
  • From the Field gives you creative ideas that have worked successfully for other catechists just like you. Here is motivation for you to reflect on your own successful classroom experiences and to consider sharing those successes with CATECHIST readers!
  • The Domestic Church encourages parents in their role in building a Catholic life at home. You are free to reprint this one-page and distribute to your students to bring home.
  • Catechist of the Month profiles catechists working in parishes around the country. Each year, in October, we celebrate Catechist magazine’s Honors program, where we seek to honor and share the talents of catechists, DREs and youth ministers from around the country. Our Catechist Honors nominations process is open from April 1- August 1.
  • Letter to Catechists is encouragement for us to be our best, with an emphasis of looking at the words of Pope Francis, and how they relate to our catechetical mission.
  • Features offer formation and inspiration. Each issue highlights a different focus. This year CATECHIST will focus on these topics:
    Sept 2016: Evangelizing Parents
    Oct 2016:Catechist Honors
    Nov/Dec 2016:Building Holy Families
    Jan 2017:Sacraments
    Feb 2017:The Catechism
    Mar 2017:Lent/Easter

For your students:

  • Sunday Throughout the Week offers a reflection, discussion ideas, action items, and a prayer on the Gospel reading each Sunday, designed for you to share with your students. Here is everything you need for your opening prayer or closing prayer for each class period!
  • Crafts for Catechists is a craft activity geared to the liturgical year, feast days, or sacraments. Step-by-step instructions, photos, and links help you prep and execute each idea.
  • Learning by Heart is a visual-learning tool that helps trigger memorization. Students have fun associating images and words and committing to memory Scripture quotes and Catholic teachings, prayers, and practices. For an added challenge, cut the images apart, shuffle the pieces, and have students put the pieces back into the correct sequence.
  • A Family Together is a ready-to-use reproducible activity page that you can share with your students. This series, courtesy of the Apostleship of Prayer, builds awareness that we are part of a global church, as it helps students and catechists pray for the Pope’s intentions. Use it in class or send it home with them to enjoy with their families. 
  • What’s Your Catholic IQ? is a popular reproducible page of 20 multiple-choice questions about the Catholic faith. Students and families enjoy learning by using this fun format. Additionally, here is a great exercise for middle-school and teenage students: Have them select one item from the 20, do some research, and develop five more multiple-choice items about that topic. Encourage students to include additional information in their answer key, just as the answer key does in each issue of CATECHIST.
  • We Gather to Pray presents tips for praying with your students and calling them to personal pray every day. Find ideas that are age-appropriate and geared to the liturgical calendar.
  • Celebrate Saints presents a saint’s short biography from the liturgical calendar. It is written in simple language for younger students to read aloud, discuss, and do a related activity.
  • Meditation Moment offer reflections that you can read aloud in your class. This year’s topics for the meditations are the Ten Commandments, and they are geared for middle-schoolers.
  • Yes U* Can offers activity-based lesson plans. This year’s focus is teaching the parables of Jesus. Find discussion-starters and hands-on activities based on learning the Gospel.
  • Youth Ministry provides tips for teaching teens. Faith is more often caught than taught, but our experts will help both to flourish in your mission to youth.

    New departments coming in 2017:

    • Book and Blogs – recommended reading by the Catechist staff

    • Digital Catechesis – technology and media recommendations and how-to’s by tech-savvy catechetical leaders